Northern California Hospital and Institution Committee

Carrying the message of A.A. to the alcoholic in Corrections and Treatment facilities and facilities serving alcoholics in Northern CA

Contributions: Contribute online or via mail to: P.O. Box 192490 San Francisco, CA 94119-2490
(Make checks payable to: NORCAL H&I and note your Area # on the check)

Looking for orientation?: find your area on the map for more info

How To Volunteer For A Position In Your Area

Following are the three basic positions available for doing service to the H&I committee in your Area (full descriptions of all Area positions can be found in our Policy Manual on page 8). We suggest you start out with only one or two commitments, for example a Meeting Volunteer and/or an H&I Group Representative - you can always add more later.

  • Meeting Volunteers are the people who are responsible for bringing meetings into the many hospitals, recovery centers, detoxes and jails in Northern Ca. They usually go into a facility to conduct a one hour meeting once a month on a given day of the week.
  • Facility Coordinators are the people who are responsible for organizing the rosters for a particular meeting - they are essentially the glue that holds the meetings together.
  • H&I Group Representatives are the people who serve as the vital communication link between the local H&I committee and their Home Group; they make announcements and keep their groups informed about H&I activities and they attend H&I business meetings to discuss and vote on issues.

In most areas it is necessary to attend an H&I Orientation (usually about an hour in length) prior to taking a commitment as a Meeting Volunteer. At the Orientation you will learn how to be an effective Meeting Volunteer and become familiar with the guidlines of this committee. Usually you will be able to sign up for a commitment right after the Orientation.

Note: if you've already attended the Orientation and are still looking for a meeting commitment, or wish to add another commitment, it isn't necessary to attend another Orientation, you can simply click on the link below to contact the person in your Area who can help get you set up.

Use the map to find your area, where you will be able to see when meetings and orientations are held and contact the area or region coordinator for more information.